Most Perfect Sound From The Black Forest

MPS LogoWhy did Oscar Peterson record several LPs in a small town in the Black Forest? Because Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer had a dream: He wanted to produce jazz records of chosen artists in the highest possible sound quality. To fulfill his dream he founded the label “Musik Produktion Schwarzwald MPS” (“Music Production Black Forest”). In his studio in Villingen his sound engineers achieved an incredible good sound. The quality was so outstanding that jazz musicians all over the world nicknamed the MPS label “Most Perfect Sound”. Musicians like George Duke, Jean-Luc Ponty, Hans Koller and Joe Pass traveled to the Black Forest to record legendary music.

If you want to know more about Brunner-Schwer and the sound engineers and musicians who were involved in the MPS records, I recommend the documentary MPS – Jazzin’ The Black Forest. It also shows rare footage of the late Oscar Peterson and a sound engineer tells how pleased Peterson was with the sound of his piano on the MPS records.

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