Wigs And Cheap Guitars – German Girl Group “Die Sweetles” Want A Beatle For Birthday

“Die Sweetles” single cover

The German girl group the Sweetles was a short-lived Beatles tribute band that cashed in on the Beatles boom. In 1964 they had a top forty hit in Germany with the single “Ich wünsch’ mir zum Geburtstag einen Beatle” (I Want A Beatle For My Birthday).

The Sweetles were the brainchild of German songwriter Christian Bruhn, who also co-wrote the tribute song. On the cover you can see four girls – check out the fancy wigs and guitars – to make the Beatles tribute idea complete. But on the song there are only three singers: Peggy Peters (real name Christina Zakewski), Charlotte Marian (real name Charlotte Bischoff), and actress-singer Monika Grimm.

Charlotte Marian was married to songwriter Christian Bruhn. Peggy Peters later continued her singing career under the name Tina Rainford.
You can find more facts about the Sweetles and other girl groups on the recommendable Ready Steady Girls page.

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