Earl Palmer Memorial Website Online

The family of legendary drummer Earl Palmer launched the website earlpalmermemorial.

You can share your memories and photos of Earl Palmer and there’s a discography compiled by electric bassist/guitarist Carol Kaye, who played on many records with Earl Palmer.

Earl Palmer died last week at his home in Banning, California. He was 83. From 1947 until the nineteen-eighties, Earl Palmer’s drumming was an essential part of  many important popular recordings and film soundtracks.

One thought on “Earl Palmer Memorial Website Online

  1. ….I’m a typical Bonzo-head, but I know where he got it…where the viceral nerve of it is exposed…(oh yeah, Charles Conners!!!!)……EARL PALMER, N’Orleans drummin’…..there’s no other recipe that can top it!!! Earl Palmer came from Bee-Bop…jazz baby! ….lest we not forget….. he cemented the Bah-Boooooooom into the whole simplified r’n’r pie, and nailed the thing to the floor with an elegant bombastic touch!!!!::::::copy that, mother fucker!! jajajajaja!!! …..lovely people, all of them!

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