Drummer Howard Grimes: Memphis Soul Beat

Justin Fox Burks

Photo: Justin Fox Burks

You may never heard of Howard Grimes. But if you love soul music you certainly have heard his beat.

Howard Grimes played drums on countless soul tunes that were recorded in Memphis TN. Early in his career he played for the record label Stax, later you could hear him playing behind many Hi Records artists. “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Ann Peebles is probably his most famous credit. He also played for  Al Green, Carla Thomas, William Bell, Wendy Rene, Prince Conley and many more.

There’s a good article by Preston Lauterbach about Memphis musicians who played on the Stax records. Back in the Hi Life by Bob Mehr concentrates on the musicians behind Hi Records.

2 thoughts on “Drummer Howard Grimes: Memphis Soul Beat

  1. I first met Howard Grimes in Waco, Texas at a club name Walkers. He was playing with Willie Mithchell in 1967. I told him I thought he was one of the best drummers I have ever heard. I just finished reading a wonderful artical on him in Living Blues Magazine today I have kept up with him over the years. I remember when he played with Al Green and Ann Pebbles. I still think he is one of the best drummers out there today. I plan on getting the CD Got to Get Back. When I saw he was the drummer on Cindy Lauper CD, a great CD. I said then he is still great! I don’t know if he answers his email but I sure would like to hear from him. My email address is carla_ tanner @ att.net. I am now living in Waco, TX. I lived in San Francisco in the later 60’s then moved back to Texas in the 70’s to Austin. Would love to know if you ever come to Texas to gigs? I would love to hear you guys play.
    God Bless and would love to hearing back from you.

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