Jackson 5 Family Photo from LIFE Magazine in 1971

Musical group The Jackson 5 posing by pool on motorscooters w. their parents (L-R) Jackie, Michael, Joseph, Katherine, Marlon, Tito & Jermaine. Encino, CA. Photo: John Olson

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

3 thoughts on “Jackson 5 Family Photo from LIFE Magazine in 1971

  1. Man this brings back memories. I remember being 11 yrs old and reading this “LIFE” Magazine article. I loved the Jackson 5. They represented me… a young black boy in the music business.
    I ended up becoming a platinum record producer ( ICE CUBE) by 1992 and a smooth Jazz guitarist by 2010 ( http://www.mychalsimonz.com) How I thank the Motown, Berry Gordy and The Jackson 5 for being my inspiration to be in this business. R.I.P. MJ

  2. This family has been an inspiration in my life. They help me to see that I could be more than an poor African American growing up in the 60’s and 70″s. I dreamed of making my parent rich and because of them I strived hard in life to to achieve the goals I set for my self in life. No, I am not rich, but I made enough to lavish my mother before she died.

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