Chilliwack (The Collectors) – 40th Anniversary

Chilliwack (former The Collectors) Canadian rock band

Chilliwack: Jamie Bowers, Brian MacLeod, Bill Henderson, Glenn Miller, and Ross Turney. Photo:

Canadian rock band Chilliwack (former The Collectors) celebrates its 40th anniversary at the River Rock Casino in Richmond on May 21 and 22.

The Vancouver Sun wrote an article about the anniversary and there’s a video of the band rehearsing “Lydia Purple”.

Speaking of Lydia Purple: former Chilliwack/Collectors bass player and singer Glenn Miller remembers how it was produced.

One thought on “Chilliwack (The Collectors) – 40th Anniversary

  1. I really appreaciated Bill Henderson and Chilliwack. He sang beautifully on Dreams, Dreams, Dreams. I thought they were the best. I met him once and thought that was awesome. Wish he could respond to this by e-mail, but he won’t I guess. Still, they were once my favorites. Farewell to an old favourite. Mark from British Columbia.

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