Jazzy Christmas: Not “Last Christmas” Again!

Ella Fitzgerald: Sleigh Ride

Charles Brown: Merry Christmas Baby

Django Reinhardt: Christmas Swing

Sauter-Finegan Orchestra: Midnight Sleigh Ride

Plenty of Joe Zawinul’s «Mercy Mercy Mercy»

I can’t get enough of the great Joe Zawinul tune «Mercy Mercy Mercy». So I collected many diverse covers on YouTube.

A big band version by The Birdland Big Band with drummer Tommy Igoe:

A very unusual version by a Polish guitar quintet:

Buddy Rich, live, with funny introduction:

Version by Nils Landgren’s, Swedish trombone player:

Why not listen to the famous version by Cannonball Adderley with Joe Zawinul on keybaords?

Photographer George Hoole – Defining The Look Of British Rock Stars In The Sixties

British Photographer George Hoole

British Photographer George Hoole (Photo: David Berman)

George Hoole worked as a successful photographer in London in the nineteen-sixties. His promising career was suddenly hampered by a stroke when he was 33.

His pictures defined the look of many British pop and rock musicians like Traffic, The  Animals. Keith Moon an Donovan. His camera also showed interest in the British  flower power scene.

But Hoole didn’t only take pictures in the word of show business. He also photographed people who didn’t live on the sunny side of the street.

David Berman produced a wonderful and touching portrait of George Hoole (length: 4 min 31 sec) that includes many great photos from the nineteen-sixties.

Great Rockabilly-Country-Rock ‘n’ Roll Online Discography: Rockin’ Country Styleen

The rockabilly discography Rockin’ Country Style (RCS) is a hard labor of love. In 1979 Terry Gordon started working on it and it has been growing ever since.

Terry Gordon’s rockabilly discography concentrates on the years 1951 – 1964 and includes music that blends country,  rhythm and blues and rock ‘n’ roll. The meticulous discography include dates, label and numbers, label shots and sometimes music samples. It also links the original songs to compilations.

The database is very user friendly because you can access it through artists, labels,  song titles, and chronological or geographical listing.

So, if you love rockabilly, check this site out. But be careful, it can be addictive.

Rock Guitarists Who Played On Michael Jackson Records

13th Annual American Music Masters Les Paul Tribute Concert

Guitarist Slash (of Guns N Roses & Velvet Revolver) performs as part of tribute concert to Les Paul in Cleveland, Ohio, 15 November 2008 (Photo: Jason L. Nelson)

On exminer.com David Sadof takes a look at some of the guitarists who played on Michael Jackson records. While on Off The Wall (1979) Jackson worked with jazz influenced guitarists Larry Carlton and Phil Upchurch, he later also collaborated with rock guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) and Slash (Guns N’ Roses).