Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant usw: Werden die alten britischen Pop-Stars je ergrauen?

Mick Jagger

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“Nein, Botox nehme ich nicht.”

Paul McCartney

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“Mein Friseur meinte, ich sehe toll aus.”

Ozzy Osbourne

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“Unser Haar ergänzt sich farblich sehr gut.”

Robert Plant

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“Pst, mein Haar ist gefärbt – aber das bleibt unter uns.”

Cliff Richard

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“Ich bin erst grade 70 geworden.”


One Minute Of Silence: Buy Silence – Help Haiti / Kauf Stille – hilf Haiti

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009!

Happy 2009!

The Haunting Guitar Sound of James Wilsey

It’s one of the great guitar intros of pop music: the haunting guitar on Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games. The man behind the unforgettable guitar sound is James Wilsey.

Check out his great album “El Dorado”, that is packed with wonderful instrumentals. James Wilsey tastefully combines acoustic guitar shades from the nineteen-fifties and sixties. You can hear influences from surf guitars, guitars from Italian western soundtracks, a little bit of Billy Strange, Duane Eddy, the Shadows and t. But still Wilsey manages to create his own sound and style.

Dynasties of L.A. Studio Musicians (Part 1): The Melvoins

Drummer Joe Porcaro, pianist Mike Melvoin and percussionist Gary Coleman worked extensively as studio musicians in Los Angeles. From the nineteen-sixties on they left their mark on countless pop songs, movie soundtracks and TV themes. Their music still can be heard daily on radio and television. But there’s another legacy: their daughter and sons who also became musicians.

In the next three days the story about the children of these musicians will unfold. The three families have one thing in common: musical talent. And each of the three families had to mourn the death of a talented son.

Let’s start with the family of jazz piano player Mike Melvoin. He recorded among others with Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Bonnie Raitt, Diana Ross, The Ventures, Quincy Jones, The Beach Boys, John Lennon, Tom Waits, The Partridge Family and Duane Eddy.

Mike Melvoin’s twins Wendy and Susannah (January 26, 1964) and his son Jonathan (December 6, 1961 – July 12, 1996) became musicians.

Wendy Melvoin is a guitar player, singer-songwriter, composer and producer. She worked with Prince for a while in the nineteen-eighties, together with her childhood friend, keyboard player Lisa Coleman. After their stint with Prince Wendy and Lisa founded Lisa and Wendy. They’re not only a band, but they also write scores for movies and TV shows (Something New, Crossing Jordan, Heroes). They both produce other artists and work as live and studio musicians. Lisa Coleman is also the daughter of a Los Angeles musician who worked many studio sessions. You can read more about her tomorrow.

Wendy’s twin sister Susannah is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and actress. Like her sister she worked with Prince for a while in the nineteen-eighties. She sang background vocals among others with Roger Waters, Eric Clapton and Mike Oldfield, Donna Summer. She’s married to guitarist and singer Doyle Bramhall II. Before she had relationships with Prince, Seal and John Cusack.

Wendy’s and Susannah’s brother Jonathan was a keyboardist and drummer. Like his sisters he also worked with Prince. While he was on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins he died of a drug overdose.

Read tomorrow about Gary Coleman and his three children who also played a crucial role in Prince’s career.

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Happy Birthday Tom Lehrer!

Tom Lehrer

Mathematics is not fun. But mathematicians are. At least Tom Lehrer is. He was born on April 9th in 1928 and majored in mathematics at Harvard when he was 19. Besides studying he sang humorous songs for his friends and colleagues accompanying himself on the piano .

He has the talent to make a funny song out of every topic: herpes (“I Got It From Agnes”), tango (“The Masochist Tango”), nazi scientists (“Wernher von Braun”), funerals and the atomic bomb (“We Will All Go Together When We Go”), religion (“The Vatican Rag”, “A Christmas Carol”) or racism (“National Brotherhood Week”) and – of course – mathematics (“New Math”).

During the nineteen-fifties Tom Lehrer became very popular, but he stopped performing in the early nineteen-sixties because he allegedly was bored of singing the same songs again and again. His last record came out in 1965. He worked as a songwriter for a while but left the music business for good in the nineteen-seventies and started teaching mathematics.

I you feel like laughing check out this splendid collection of Tom Lehrer performances on YouTube or read his lyrics.

Rhino issued a Tom Lehrer box set that contains most of his recordings.

Typing Errors Helped Starting The Monkees’ Career

Ex-Monkee, songwriter and novelist Michael Nesmith’s mother Bette Nesmith Graham invented the typewriter correction fluid “Liquid Paper” and made a fortune out of it. So Michael Nesmith didn’t have to worry about money during his teenage years. His mother’s fortune gave him the freedom of pursuing his artistic ambitions. Sometimes typing errors can be very helpful …