Memphis – City Of Music: Interactive Map – History Of Soul, Blues, Gospel And Rock ‘n’ Rol

Learn about the music history of Memphis. Or plan your next trip to Memphis, Tennessee with this map.

Memphis’ contribution to the history of popular music is amazing. Soul, gospel, funk, blues or rock ‘n’ roll wouldn’t be the same without the musical creativity of this city.

The map shows the places where music history was made. See where the music was played and recorded. Find the homes of Aretha Franklin, Maurice White or W.C. Handy. Learn about forgotten swing legend Jimmy Lunceford.

Al Green, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, B.B. Kind, O.V. Wright, Albert King, Memphis Minnie and many more contributed to the great music of Memphis.

Paul McCartney originally wrote “Let It Be” for Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, on stage, July 1989

Aretha Franklin (Photo: LIFE)

Paul McCartney wrote “Let It Be” for Aretha Franklin. He offered the song to her with the right of first release. Aretha recorded it, but then she hold up the release. So she only released it after the Beatles had a smash hit with it (according to Jerry Wexler and David Ritz in the liner notes to the CD “Aretha Franklin – The Queen of Soul”, 2007).

I think this story makes sense. “Let It Be” has a strong spiritual undertone and I imagine that Paul McCartney thought it a fitting song for Aretha Franklin who originated from gospel music.

There’s also a rare version of “Let It Be” by Tennessee Ernie Ford (thanks to Dusty Fingers for pointing this out), who during the later part of his career recorded many spiritual albums.

Atlantic Records Producer Jerry Wexler dies at 91

Jerry Wexler

Record producer Jerry Wexler dies at 91 in Florida. He produced  musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Dusty Springfield and Bob Dylan. From 1953 to 1975 he worked for Atlantic records. Read more about Jerry Wexler: