Originals vs Cover Versions

It’s an endless discussion for music lovers: the question of original songs vs. cover versions. Check out this original vs. cover versions medley on YouTube. Side by side you can compare original and cover versions. It’s very interesting to hear what happened to songs by The Bee Gees, Madonna, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Abba or Whitney Houston.

If you want to vote for or against a cover versions go to Old School Music Lover, a blog where you regularly can vote for your
favorite orginal or cover. Decide for yourself if you prefer the original performance of “Walk Away Renee” by The Left Banke or the Motown cover version by The Four Tops.

Atlantic Records Producer Jerry Wexler dies at 91

Jerry Wexler

Record producer Jerry Wexler dies at 91 in Florida. He produced  musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Dusty Springfield and Bob Dylan. From 1953 to 1975 he worked for Atlantic records. Read more about Jerry Wexler: