Wayne Brady: Healing My Beatles Cover Phobia

When I was a boy, I was very strict about cover versions of Beatles songs. There was only one legitimate version in my rigid fan mind: the original. Although there was one small exception to the rule: I reluctantly had to admit that Joe Cocker’s version of With A Little Help From My Friends wasn’t bad.

My aversion to Beatles cover versions stayed in my unconciousness. It only started changing a few years ago, when I suddenly started liking all kind of instrumental Beatles covers. Maybe these were the first signs of a midlife crisis. Anyway, the absent voice somehow made it easier for me to like the covers. So this was the weird phase in my life when I eagerly collected all kind of instrumental cover versions. That is mostly jazz, easy listening and muzak. But still, vocal cover versions were a no go zone for me.

Until today, when I stumbled upon the post A Long Time Coming – Wayne Brady (2008) on the Everythig Old is New Again blog. There’s an audio sample of Can’t Buy Me Love sung by Wayne Brady in the post. It’s a soulful rendition that turns the song in something completely new. Thank you Wayne Brady for curing my aversion to vocal Beatles covers!