Memphis – City Of Music: Interactive Map – History Of Soul, Blues, Gospel And Rock ‘n’ Rol

Learn about the music history of Memphis. Or plan your next trip to Memphis, Tennessee with this map.

Memphis’ contribution to the history of popular music is amazing. Soul, gospel, funk, blues or rock ‘n’ roll wouldn’t be the same without the musical creativity of this city.

The map shows the places where music history was made. See where the music was played and recorded. Find the homes of Aretha Franklin, Maurice White or W.C. Handy. Learn about forgotten swing legend Jimmy Lunceford.

Al Green, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, B.B. Kind, O.V. Wright, Albert King, Memphis Minnie and many more contributed to the great music of Memphis.

Drummer Howard Grimes: Memphis Soul Beat

Justin Fox Burks

Photo: Justin Fox Burks

You may never heard of Howard Grimes. But if you love soul music you certainly have heard his beat.

Howard Grimes played drums on countless soul tunes that were recorded in Memphis TN. Early in his career he played for the record label Stax, later you could hear him playing behind many Hi Records artists. “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Ann Peebles is probably his most famous credit. He also played for  Al Green, Carla Thomas, William Bell, Wendy Rene, Prince Conley and many more.

There’s a good article by Preston Lauterbach about Memphis musicians who played on the Stax records. Back in the Hi Life by Bob Mehr concentrates on the musicians behind Hi Records.

Graveside Ceremony For Memphis Soul Legend O.V. Wright

O.V. Wright 1939 - 1980

O.V. Wright 1939 - 1980

In 1973 Memphis soul singer O.V. Wright recorded following lines:

Soon I will be done
With the troubles of this world
I’m going home to live with God

In 1979 O.V. Wright had open heart surgery and the following year he died of a heart attack on November 16. He was buried in Memphis in an unmarked grave. Memphis writer Preston Lauterbach couldn’t accept that the soul legend’s final resting place remained unmarked. His appeal for funds on the website Backroads of American Music was heard by many dedicated fans of O.V. Wright.

plakat-ovwright-kleinThis November 16 there will be a ceremony at O.V. Wright’s grave and it will no longer be unmarked. On the days before the ceremony there will be several O.V. Wright events in Memphis such as studio tours, meeting with O.V. Wright collaborators and there will be a O.V. Wright night at the Ground Zero Blues Club with soul singer Otis Clay.

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