Poem For A Bass Player

Did you ever read a poem about a bass player? There are not too many poems about bass players, I think. But there’s at least one. It’s written by – a bass player. His name is Jay Leonhart and he wrote a poem for bass player Chuck Berghofer.


Once again I find myself out here on the road,
Schlepping crap and playing for a singer.
An ignominious chore but one I still adore,
Man I am not the swinger?

I am out here on the road, doing all the dirty work,
As I will with pleasure til I die. To-
Day an outdoor amphitheater in an amusement park where the
Rollar Coaster endless roars by.

During the show the singer proudly talks about her new CD
On which you’ll note I did not play.
You see I live here in the east and they live on the West Coast and they
Always make their records in LA.

So like a fool I read the personnel who made the record, and
Who’s name do I always come across?
Berghoffer Berghoffer my dear friend Chuck Berghoffer, like a
Big Oak tree surrounded by green moss.

Berghoffer, Berghoffer, playing all the cushy sessions,
Leading the good life in LA.
While I do battle with a rollar coaster in the amusement park,
Three thousand miles away.

Berghoffer Berghoffer, with glorious pitch and big fat sound,
Back in LA getting all glory.
While I fight with quacking ducks and laughing clowns and screaming children, Ah it’s just the same old story.

Oh well that’s the way it goes, I do all the grubby work so the
Singer can promote her new CD.
Then she can do another album, get Berghoffer to play the bass,
Makes perfect sense to me.

Berghoffer Berghoffer, I am not complaining, I
Surely would not wish to create dissension.
I’ll just ride the back roads, Play my bass in barns and bars
And try to help the poor guy’s pension.

I’m really not complaining, we all do our dirty work, be-
sides it all works out in the end.
And when I’m out there on the road, playing at the county fairs, I’m
Doing what I can to help my friend.

Berghoffer Berghoffer my dear friend Chuck Berghoffer, like a
Big Oak tree surrounded by rich green moss.
Every time I read the names on another hot CD
Who’s name do I always come across?

Sometimes I dream that I am playing the bass in hell,
Oh it’s a scary dream. The
Devil is Chuck Berghoffer and he makes you play “These Boots Are Made For Walking” and the Barney Miller theme.

© 2006 Jay Leonhart

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